Features & Highlights

What makes BrightersRoom an awesome E-Learning Platform

Remote Access

You can easily access your dashboard and use it from anywhere.

Easy of Use

Very simple and intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use for everyone.

Organization Management

Easily manage your organization or institution and get effective results.

Qualified Instructors

Organizations can easily add and manage instructors from their dashboard.

Batches & Sessions

Organizations can easily create and manage student batches and sessions from their dashboard.

Courses & Lessons

Your instructors can create and manage courses and lessons hassle-free.

Student Enrolment

Organizations can facilitate students with a simple enrollment process.

Assignments & Quizzes

Your instructors can easily create, manage and grade quizzes and assignments.

Latest Grading System

Our e-learning platform is equipped with a modern grading system that enables instructors to instantly grade and manage student assignments and quizzes.

Live Chat & Discussion

Our e-learning platform is equipped with a safe and reliable online communication system that enables instructors and students to foster better communication.

Why Use Brighter's Room?


Free registration

Register with Brighter’s Room and increase productivity and engagement.

Manage and maximize resources

Expand your capabilities and offerings by utilizing this remote learning platform.

Learning Improvement

Provide better learning experience to your team and boost productivity.

Organizations Overview


Easy sign up

Your instructors can easily sign up with Brighter’s Room and start delivering online lectures and increase engagement of your students.

Create new course & lessons

Your instructors can create new courses, upload them and manage them from their dashboard

Learning Improvement

With Brighter’s Room your instructors can conduct online quizzes for your students and enhance their learning experience and provide fast results to them.

Instructors Overview


Course selection

Brighter’s Room provides a way by which your students can easily select any course according to their needs and enroll themselves.

Easy access on lectures

Now your students can easily get any lecture and they don’t need to worry about any missing lecture because Brighter’s Room is providing you a platform from where your students can revise or take any lesson at any time and increase productivity.

Learning Improvement

With Brighter’s Room organizations can increase their students' learning and participation in classes with live chats and discussions.

Students Overview

Want to join Brighter’s Room?

Brihgter's Room makes sure to provide users with the best online classes with a great environment and value for their trust. Organizations and instructors can deliver live and self-paced online courses by the help of Brighter’s Room’s remote learning tool and help students to improve their outcome. Register now and step into a fast and smooth world.


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