Organization Dashboard Overview

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Organization Complete Dashboard Overview

All the amazing features available on the organization dashboard!

On the dashboard screen, the organization owner can view various numbers and statistics like the total number of students who have enrolled in different courses in the present month, total instructors of the organization, and the total earnings of the current month and year.

Here is the complete list of features that are available for the Organization.

  • On-board Instructors
  • On-board Students
  • Offer Courses
  • Manage Payments
  • Schedule Events

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Manage Instructor Profiles

The organization owners can view the list of all the instructors within the organization and can also create, edit, and delete their profiles.


Manage Student Profiles

A list of enrolled students is shown on this screen. The organization owners can also edit these profiles and can add new ones.


Manage Batches and Sessions

All the information related to the batches/sessions is displayed on this screen. The organization owner can view the data and also can update it easily.


Manage Your Courses

All the courses offered by the organization are listed on this screen and the organization owners can edit these courses, add new ones, and can delete old ones as well.


Track Financial Details of Your Organization

The organization owners can manage the financial details of their organization. They can very easily track the wages of their staff while managing the student fees as well.

Payment History

Monitor Monthly Subscription Details

This section will display the monthly subscription payment history between Brighter’s Room and the Organization. All the relevant details will be available to the organization owner which will ensure complete transparency.

Pricing Plans

Choose Pricing Plans

This will show the pricing plan that the organization is subscribed to. The other available pricing plans will also be displayed so that the organization owner can upgrade or downgrade their plan based on their needs.

Event Calendar

Create and Manage Events

The organization owner can mark various events like New Batch Enrollment, Exam Week, etc. on a calendar. The event will be broadcasted and all the users will receive a notification. The users will also be able to view the event on their own calendars


Send Memos to Staff & Students

The organization owner has the ability to send out memos to Instructors and/or Students.