Student Dashboard Overview

A hub for E-Learning Organizations!

Student Complete Dashboard Overview

All the amazing features available on the student dashboard!

Students can review their recent activities from the dashboard. They can also check their progress in each course and can also resume lessons in current courses.

Here is the complete list of features that are available to the students.

  • Join Courses
  • Track their progress for Courses
  • Take & complete Lessons
  • Take & submit Quizzes
  • Track Fees & Dues

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Collection of Related Courses

All the courses with complete lessons are available in the series section. Students are able to select any course and start learning.


All your Courses in one place

Multiple courses are added in this section by the instructors of the respective organization. The students can resume their classes as per their convenience.

Take Course

Resume Your Education Online

Students can start their training in each course and can also directly communicate with their instructor if they need further assistance.

Take Quizzes

Test Your Skills

Students can attempt quizzes created by the instructors. Brighter’s Room provides a convenient way for instructors to conduct tests and grade them.

Fee & Dues

Manage and track your online payments

Billing and payments is very convenient with Brighter’s Room. No need to wait in long queues, students can simply pay for any course using our reliable online payment system.